Enter the Freljord: League of Legends Update

It looks as though Riot is beginning to make strides toward making their lore more active in their game, as they have just begun a game-wide event dedicated to the current struggle occuring in Freljord in the game’s lore. To kick off the various icy updates Riot is making, they recently produced a cinematic dedicated solely to the background of the three factions warring against eachother.

Summoners now have the option to support either Ashe, Lissandra, or Sejuani on the main menu of the game. Where exactly Riot intends to go with this plot involvement, I don’t know. What I do know is that I really like the way they are beginning to mix lore and gameplay. For as long as I can remember I would feel safe to say a majority of the League community didn’t pay too much attention to the lore surrounding the game. Maybe they would know champions backstories, if that, but on a whole the game was very distant from real interaction between these two sides.

With the Freljord lore update, Sejuani and Trundle both have been given reworks and art upgrades. The new champion, Lissandra, is one of the major three players in this three-sided war going on in Freljord’s icy tundra. A large percentage of the free to play champions are from Freljord, and the champions who not only are on sale, but also have skins available for sale hail from that icy area.

Check out the promo for this entire event that Riot put up.

Riot also transformed the Proving Grounds map into what is called the Howling Abyss, a single-lane map based on the Freljord setting. It looks absolutely gorgeous in game, and what I really think is interesting is how the item sellers are voiced over, and react differently to your champion depending on who they are. Major points, Riot, major points.


I am not used to seeing this much effort being put into the lore from Riot, but it is safe to say I am definitely excited. I sincerely hope this is going to be more of a growing trend from them, and I look forward to seeing where this leads.




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